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Stand Up, Sit Down, Quilt Quilt Quilt!

We are pleased to offer special pricing during our Shop@Home events. Enjoy deep discounts this week on the stationary longarm HQ Capri and the HQ Simply Sixteen and on accompanying accessories. HQ Capri is a stationary longarm quilting machine, which means that instead of being on a carriage, it sits in a table. Extended throat [...]

Advice from a Quilting Coach

By Diane Harris and Mary Beth Krapil This is a followup to a recent post where I wondered how to quilt a top I made called Vintage Zigzag. It's one of those love-hate projects because it wasn't easy to sew (bias edges for miles), but the finished product gives me goosebumps. Vintage Zigzag from [...]

Friday Freebie!

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador There are many great resources for quilters offered online at no charge, and who doesn't like a deal like that?! On most Fridays, I will share a freebie with you that I like. Could be a pattern or a tutorial, a quilting motif or something entirely unexpected. Sound [...]

A Purpose for Every Quilt

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I started the quilting on a decades-old UFO yesterday, and as I was stitching along in the ditch, it occurred to me that every quilt I make has a purpose. Even if I fail to think about the purpose, it's always there. As I mulled it over, I [...]

Intense Piecing, and Not So Much

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador My most recent UFO piecing was intense. I finished up Hexie Framed and Vintage Zigzag—and both gave me headaches. Hexie Framed, a design by Emily of Quilty Love The patterns were clear and well-written. I had plenty of fabrics to choose from and because of the pandemic, plenty [...]

Birgit Schueller: Quilt Stories

Birgit Schueller is a Handi Quilter Ambassador from Germany, and she was recently featured on Lisa Walton's Quilt Stories on YouTube. The segment covers her quilt The Sprinter, and sheds light on some of her artistry. Find Birgit at and notice that she does her longarm machine quilting on a Handi Quilter Infinity. Birgit [...]

Loops and Angles: Opposites Attract

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I'm in the habit of keeping something always going on the HQ Capri, so that when I have a few minutes here or there, I can sit down and quilt! Of course the InSight table can be adjusted for standing, but recently I've been sitting. I was on [...]

Scrappy Baby Quilt

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I'm mostly happy with my recent finish, this baby quilt in peachy pinks, yellow-greens and grays. I pieced it at a retreat a few years back but wasn't motivated to quilt it until now. I am surprised and delighted to find that I actually want to quilt my [...]

Let It Unfold…Slowly…

I first heard about machine quilting back in the late 80s from Harriet Hargrave. She was one of the pioneers of machine quilting, and she'd come to QuiltNebraska to share her techniques. I remember a lot of things from those lectures but the main thing I took away was that quilting could finally be fast. [...]

Watch, Learn, Practice

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I've been watching machine quilting videos, and a lot of them. I bought them as classes over the past dozen years or so. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I haven't taken time to view many of them before now. I'm watching now because recently, a popular [...]