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The Struggle is Real: When to Frog Machine Quilting and When to Resist

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I'm quilting my scrappy Gypsy Wife right now on the HQ Capri stationary longarm and it's not going especially well. This is a sampler design by Jen Kingwell with many blocks in many sizes and lots of long, skinny strips. I thought it was busy enough to hide [...]

Charting a New (Scrap) Course

I started a new scrap quilt last week because I made up an easy block and couldn't resist playing with a fabric combination that I created in EQ8. I designed this quilt in EQ8 and couldn't resist piecing it from my stash. I had quite a lot of the green for my background, shown below. [...]

Doodle Your Machine Quilting

Why a defined space is best By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador In my recent post about building new habits, I talked about doodling to become a better machine quilter. And I promised to explain why it's better to doodle in a defined space rather than on a blank piece of paper. Doodling over [...]

Building New Habits

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I am always looking for ways to be more efficient in my sewing. I want more time to create things but since you can't add more hours to the day, the next best thing is to use the hours more efficiently. Here are some habits that I've built [...]

What Are You Working On?

This is a question I love to ask people! Even if it's a quilter I have never met before, she (or he) is always happy to chat about a current project. It's the best ice breaker! Here are a few things I am working on. I finished all of the blocks for this Log Cabin [...]

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Thoughts on Batting

By Mary Beth Krapil, Handi Quilter National Educator The top is finished and the backing has been pulled together. Now we’re ready for the best part, the quilting. But we have to have something in the middle to make it into a quilt. I have some thoughts on batting that I’d like to share. It’s [...]

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Halloween Candy Quilt Block

I’ve had Halloween on my mind the past few weeks, and that’s how this little block was born. It's a freebie for you! These instructions are for a 6″ block. Trick or Treat Quilt Block Pattern6″ block Click here for printer-friendly version Cutting Background fabric (shown black) Cut a 2″ strip. From this strip, cut [...]

Playing with Log Cabin

I've been making simple Log Cabin quilt blocks and I'm having a great time imaging where the design could go. I'm using a free pattern from Quilter's World in a mystery sampler called Awash with Color, Block 1. I'm starting with lights so that my last addition is darks. I'm sewing from my stash and [...]

Hugs and Kisses: What I Learned

By Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador I just finished quilting a throw of my own design on the HQ Capri stationary longarm and boy, did I learn a lot! This is Hugs and Kisses, designed, pieced and quilted by me! All it needs now is binding and a label. Let's talk about some of [...]