Machine Quilting and Muscle Memory

A while back, my friend LeeAnn Meduna gave a guild program on her machine quilting journey. She started out quilting on a domestic sewing machine, and later she got a longarm. Her quilts were beautiful and inspiring, but one thing she said really stood out for me. LeeAnn brought along her sketchbook, in which she [...]

Applying Rickrack: A Slick Trick

I really love rickrack. I add it to quilts whenever I can. Just about any excuse to add rickrack works for me! I've had a hard time managing its application, though. Pinning never works. It just doesn't stay in place. Positioning it as you sew doesn't work because then it's hard to get it placed [...]

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Free Quilt Block Pattern: Rickrack Basket

Most traditional basket blocks have the basket oriented across the diagonal. Here are some examples.           Sometimes you need a basket that sits at the bottom of the block instead. I designed a sampler quilt recently, and I wanted a basket with the base along the bottom, so I designed this one. [...]

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Stuff Nobody Tells You About Patchwork

I've been thinking about all the things that quilters figure out along the way. There is a lot to learn, and as a beginner, you can't absorb it all at once. One example is yardage. Occasionally a non-quilter will ask me how much fabric it takes to make a quilt. I'm not hedging when I [...]

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Make a Nametag for Quilters on HQ Stitch 710

If you start playing with the decorative stitches on your machine, the ideas for how to use them will begin to pile up. I’ve been meaning to make a new nametag for quilt events and the ease of the HQ Stitch 710 prompted me to get going. My instructions for how to make a quilter’s [...]

Petit Patchwork on HQ Stitch 510 and 710

In the spring, I designed a little sampler quilt for a retreat I'm co-hosting this fall. I did the piecing on the HQ Stitch 510 and then I quilted it on the 710. This is Petit Patchwork. The idea is to help retreaters learn some new skills and perfect some basic skills by making this [...]

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Using Large-Scale Fabrics in Patchwork

It can be tricky to use large prints for patchwork. It's so easy to buy those luscious fabrics, but sometimes not so easy to use them effectively. Scrap quilts are what I make most, and I'm pretty determined to use the stash I've accumulated over 33 years of quilting. So I've devised a couple of [...]

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One Hundred Things Every Quilter Should Do

A few years back, I wrote a post for Quiltmaker called "One Hundred Things Every Quilter Should Do." It was fun to write and it generated a lot of feedback. It's time to rewrite that list. I wrote this one without looking back at the original list. Many of these could become their own blog [...]

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How to Make a Quilt Label on HQ Stitch 710

When you begin to discover how the special stitches on a machine can be used, life takes a turn for the better. I've been playing with the HQ Stitch 710 and making quilt labels with the alphabets. It takes a little practice but it's worth the effort. Let's get started. Decide on what your label [...]